Thursday, April 27, 2006

Drafting Board | by Pat

With the NFL draft ready to kick off on Saturday, here are some of the current mock draft projections of where we can expect the Irish seniors to fall. One thing to keep an eye on will be how the Irish players do with relation to their expected draft slot. Weis has mentioned that he has been in contact with various NFL teams regarding the Irish draft prospects (as well as some of the players the Irish faced I'm sure). Will a few complimentary words from him help some of the guys like Corey Mays, who most years might go undrafted and have to sign a free agent contract? Will a year in a pro-style offense give Stovall or Fasano a bit of a boost on draft day?

Here's a quick rundown of where the Irish draft prospects are expected to fall. There are a million and one different NFL mock drafts out there, but for this I'm going to stick with the draft profiles, Pat Kirwan's 2-round mock draft on, the mock draft guide on a less official site, NFL Countdown, and the position rankings on's NFL Experts site. I figure that gives a decent range of opinions without including every random draft site on the internet.

I think it's telling that the draft profiles for Notre Dame on only list Stovall, Fasano, and Stevenson. That tells me that LeVoir, Rashon Powers-Neal, Matt Shelton, Corey Mays, and Brandon Hoyte are expected to go undrafted or at the very least be picked up at the very tail end of the draft.

Maurice Stovall grade: 6.2 (3rd round pick)
Kirwan's pick: 2nd round (54th pick - Kansas City)
NFL Countdown: 2nd round (52nd pick - New England) 4th best WR

Anthony Fasano grade: 6.2 (3rd round)
Kirwan's pick: 2nd round (49th pick - Dallas)
NFL Countdown: 2nd round (57th pick - Chicago) 5th best TE

Dan Stevenson grade: 5.4 (free agent)
NFL Countdown: 13th best OG 9th best OG

Matt Shelton grade: not listed
NFL Countdown: not in top 50 WR list 74th best WR

Mark LeVoir grade: not listed
NFL Countdown: 25th best OT 33rd best OT

Rashon Powers-Neal grade: not listed
NFL Countdown: 5th best FB not listed

Brandon Hoyte grade: not listed
NFL Countdown: 29th best OLB 53rd best OLB

Corey Mays grade: not listed
NFL Countdown: not in Top 20 MLB list 18th best MLB