Monday, April 24, 2006

Blue & Gold Gallery | by Pat

As promised, here are some pictures and video from the Blue-Gold weekend. Many thanks to BGS readers Michael S., Chris B., Clashmore Mike, Michael K. (who sent us above photo), Eddie F., Mark W., Patrick R., and Gene Z for sending us all of the pictures and video they took over the Blue-Gold Weekend.

We took all the pictures we received -- from the unveiling of The Shirt, to Quinn's Bookstore Basketball team, to Charlie Weis, Jr. throwing out the first pitch, to the game itself -- and set up a photo slideshow for everyone to view. If you have photos of your own that you have up on an online photo-sharing site, like Nathan D.'s here, feel free to add the link in the comments section. If you'd rather just email us some of your better shots, we'll add them to the slideshow.

There are also some other quality galleries to check out at the or the South Bend Tribune and over at Irish Illustrated and Blue and Gold Illustrated.

Finally, Chris B. sent us a video of Travis Thomas' 83 yard touchdown run. Check it out here (slower, better resolution) or here (faster, worse resolution).

Thanks again for all those who sent in pictures from the weekend!