Thursday, October 15, 2009

In the Year 2000...and 9 | by Pat

If you're still watching your Notre Dame football on a "tee vee", it's time to embrace the future. While NBC broadcasts and their choice of announcers are always a ripe target, NBC has been making some pretty impressive strides in the online world with regards to the Fighting Irish.

Recently, the good news was the addition of ND games to Hulu, where you can rewatch any game, anytime, and even clip and embed your favorite parts. Over on there are even more highlights and press conference clips (and clips of UW running illegal pick plays).

The next step was earlier this year when NBC put out something that ND fans stuck at fall weddings and family events have wished for for years, the ability to watch ND games live and streaming over your cell phone. NBC asked us to review the iPhone app (take that Gizmodo!) and when I tested it during the Nevada game, I was pretty surprised how well it worked. The obvious caveat is that I was connected to my wi-fi and not on the AT&T 3G cellular network. Those that have tested it without the benefit of wi-fi report it still provides an occasionally jumpy but passable view of the game. The app also provides other uses like live stats, a game schedule, and replays of old games. Check out some screenshots here. If anyone has tried to use the app in the Stadium during a game already, drop a note in the comment section and let us know how it works.If you're interested in checking out the app this weekend and for the rest of the season (and I assume future seasons), the price is $4.99 and you can get it here (heads up: link opens iTunes).

A lot of folks don't have iPhones though and today NBC announced another great online addition to their coverage that is fantastic news for those stuck at work and especially ND fans abroad who can't get NBC. All ND home games will now be streamed live over the internet.

For the first time this season, Notre Dame fans will also be able to follow the action live online this Saturday. will be streaming a unique, bonus camera feed for the duration of Saturday's game vs. USC (3:30 p.m. ET) marking the first time this season fans can also get an online-only complimentary video experience to the broadcast of the game on NBC.

This is in addition to the digital experiences that have already been available all season, including live-streaming of the games on iPhones and live postgame webcasts, which originate from Notre Dame Stadium and include live coverage of coach Charlie Weis' postgame press conference.
Keith over at the excellent and comprehensive Inside the Irish blog talked to those setting up the feed and clarified what people should expect.
Just to be clear, you won't have all the bells and whistles of a standard NBC telecast, but you'll get the broadcast audio feed with Tom Hammond and Pat Haden, as well as a cool camera view for the entire game.
So there you go. As more and more teams are getting their own conference TV channels and cable coverage, it's great that ND's NBC contract is still providing ND fans with more access to ND Football than you'll find for just about any other program.