Friday, January 09, 2009

Auld Lang Syne | by Jay

Somewhere between New Year's Day and Chinese New Year falls Football New Year. Last night was it. Happy Football New Year. (My only question after watching the Gators win last night is: is this when Tim Tebow goes to Disneyland, or does Disneyland come to Tim Tebow?)

Even after a long night of revelry, the AP is up early. Final standings here. I thought for sure Southern Cal would get more than one first-place vote, but there you have it. With the standings final, this gives us a chance to update the Pick Six and crown our winner. Congratulations to Beekfather, who didn't have Florida, and didn't have Utah, but who nevertheless strode past voidoid into first place on the backs of Virginia Tech (up to #15) and TCU (#7) and their strong bowl appearances. Nice work.

Finally, I'm not usually given to chit-chatty blandishments, it me, or did this season just fly by?