Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Photo Galleries: Washington | by Pat

There were plenty of Irish fans at the UW game, so if you have pictures you want to share, add a link in the comment section. Here are pictures of a more professional variety.

Und.com, Washington's official site, the South Bend Tribune, the Seattle Times, and SportsWashington.net all have good shots from the game.

While Floyd, Tate, and the offense were fun to watch, the play of the defense was the real star. So for this game's photo of the week, my choice is UW's Ronnie Fouch getting knocked off his feet by Pat Kuntz. The relentless blitzing from ND left Fouch off-balance and battered all night long and went a long way to ND keeping the Huskies from scoring until the ND bench was cleared late in the 4th quarter.

There are highlights of the game up on und.com and youtube. Keep an eye on Sam Young on the first three touchdowns.