Thursday, August 21, 2008

Koooontz | by Pat

If you're a bit tired with the mostly predictable and scripted player responses to mostly predictable and scripted media questions, the latest Irish Insights interview of Pat Kuntz is a welcome respite. It avoids the standard cliches and gets to the heart of the kind of inside scoop we all hope to learn.

II: You have your quirks. What's the quirk people don't know?

PK: "Hmm. Quirkiest thing about me people don't know? I can probably burp longer than any person, human being, I've ever met."

II: Wow. How long?

PK: "I can do the ABC's twice before in one burp. I can do it without drinking anything. I can do it right now, yeah."

II: Go for it.

PK: "Go for it? Ha. Hey (Brian Hardin, Notre Dame's director of football media relations), do you think I can burp in an interview?"

Brian Hardin: "(Shakes head, saying no.)

PK: "Nope, probably not going to have to do that. But just imagine, it can get pretty long."

Awesome. But not even the best exchange in the interview.

II: Your last name, obviously, what's the worst mispronounciation (it's pronounced Koo-NTZ) you've had?

PK: "(Laughs uncontrollably) Let's just say people call the house, the telemarketers, and they pronounce it, I don't know if I should say it but people can probably think about it. They are always like 'Mr. Blank.' I'm like 'Nope, none of that here.' And I hang up the phone."