Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swarbrick signs up | by Pat

It appears that the search for Kevin White's successor is over.

One of the key players in bringing the Super Bowl to Indianapolis appears to be headed to South Bend.

Sources told Eyewitness Sports reporter Rich Nye Monday that attorney Jack Swarbrick is expected to be named as Notre Dame's next athletic director Wednesday.

Swarbrick has helped bring major sporting events to Indianapolis for more than 20 years through his work with the Indiana Sports Corporation. He is a partner in the law firm of Baker & Daniels and graduated from Notre Dame in 1976. He had no comment when reached by phone Monday.

Swarbrick helped bring the NCAA to Indianapolis and was a finalist for the job of NCAA president when Myles Brand was hired in 2002.
Swarbrick's bio is full of involvement with athletics at a high level. We'll have much more to come about Notre Dame's newest athletic director. Immediate reaction: a surprise pick, but impressive nonetheless. Being an ND grad and a student during the '73 national championship run can't hurt either. As former AD Dick Rosenthal said a few weeks ago:
If we get somebody who really understands Notre Dame and supports it, appreciates it, then the rest of it will fall in line pretty quickly.