Thursday, April 10, 2008

Charlieball | by Pat

Likely due to a lack of depth at certain positions (QB, TE, DL), the upcoming Blue and Gold game is switching from the normal 1st team vs. 2nd team setup to an Offense vs. Defense matchup. The scoring system will be changed to something reminiscent of such Davie-era spring games as the 74-40 Blue and Gold game of 2001.

For those who are going to attempt to keep score at the game, good luck. The full breakdown can be found on but here are the highlights.


1st Down 1 point
Explosive Play 2 points (10+ yard run/20+ yard pass)
Field Goal 3 points
Touchdown 6 points
Extra Point 1 point
2-point Conversion 2 points
Blocked Punt 3 points

Defensive Stop 2 points
Sack 2 points
3 and Out 3 points
Missed Field Goal 3 points
Turnover 6 points
Turnover for Touchdown 10 points
Missed Extra Point 1 point
Missed 2-point Conv. 2 points
Blocked Field Goal 3 points
There will also be non-contact red jerseys, presumably for Clausen, and no kickoffs, which has been standard operating procedure the past few years. Rosters will be released in the coming few days.

Update: has released a few more scoring rules that will added to the game. They read as follows:

• If, while running multiple runs, a batsman does not touch the ground beyond the popping crease before he returns for the next run, then the umpire at that end will signal one short, and the number of runs scored is reduced by one.

• After a goal is scored, the Keeper of the team scored upon throws the Quaffle back into play. Capturing the Snitch earns the Seeker's team 150 points, equivalent to 15 goals scored by Chasers

• Flags (Calvinball Equipment 2.3) shall be named by players whom shall also assign the power and rules which shall govern that flag for particular moment in that particular game(Figure 1.6).

• A waza-ari can be earned by: 1) a throwing technique that is not quite an ippon (for example the opponent lands only partly on the back, or with less force than required for ippon); 2) holding one contestant in a pin for 20 seconds; or 3) when the opponent violates the rules (shido) three times.

•Each player will stand inside a circle and have tennis balls thrown at him by the other players. Anybody who catches a rebound moves up to the death line for a closer throw.

•The game is played with six players on each team and six rubber balls. The object of the game is to eliminate the opposing players. Once all the players on team are eliminated, the opposing team wins!