Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Start spreading the news | by Pat

You may notice a new collection of links on the right hand sidebar today. As we roll into spring ball, we're experimenting with a way to keep BGS readers entertained and informed.

For those of you familiar with RSS feeds, we are now sharing selected links from the BGS Google Reader for your perusal under the BGS's Shared Items section. For those of you who have no idea what I just wrote, it boils down to us sharing things we find interesting from other blogs, newspapers, or other sites with you. As we come across posts or articles that we think might be of interest to BGS readers, the list on the right will automatically update with those latest links. The list will be kept to the five most recent shared links, although you can scan through our archive of shared links here. If you're already reading BGS via a feed reader and don't regularly visit the site, here is an RSS feed of our shared items so you can include it in your reader.

Ideally we'll link to articles detailing spring practices notes from future opponents, interesting posts on other Irish blogs, various ND-related updates that pop up, or anything else of note we feel like sharing. Half of the 2008 Irish opponents kick off spring practice this week so that alone should be a source of updates and news about the teams that ND will face in the fall.