Monday, February 04, 2008

SkyWriting: Coming and Going | by Pat

• While we have focused on the NFL prospects of Zibby, Laws, Carlson, and Sully, they aren't the only ND players getting ready for the draft. Joe Brockington was the subject of an article in the Lebanon Daily News as he is working hard with speed coaches in anticipation of the upcoming NFL Draft.

With the help of personal trainer Joe DeFranco, who’s worked with NFL players like New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl and Dallas Cowboys fullback Deon Anderson, and former Olympic sprinter Butch Reynolds, Brockington is putting in the time necessary to improve his speed.

But he also admits it’s a bit annoying to know his football future hinges on something other than his on-field performance. “I think it’s pretty frustrating,” said Brockington, “because you’ll have guys who can run, but can’t play worth a lick (rated ahead of him). But I’m not too worried about it. I just want to get out there and prove to people I can play.”

As of now, Brockington hasn't been invited to the NFL Combine (Zibby, Laws, Sully, and Carlson are the only four invited so far) so he will have to impress at one of the ND Pro Days. The rest of the article talks about Brockington's journey to ND as a Ty Willingham recruit through his role as a senior starter under Charlie Weis. The most interesting part of the article was near the end.

In addition, if the NFL doesn’t come calling in April, Brockington has a standing invitation to intern in Notre Dame’s athletic department and begin a career in sports management.
Hopefully Joe will get his shot to prove he can play, but if not, it would be great to have him back at ND.

• Now, while Brockington might be back, senior Leo Ferrine has officially moved on.
Leo Ferrine, a cornerback who played in 28 football games for Notre Dame with two starts the last three years, expects to use his final season of eligibility at the University of Delaware, his father said Sunday.
At Delaware, Ferrine will be join up with former ND defensive end Ronald Talley. Ferrine's classmate Anthony Vernaglia also appears to be looking for a school where he is eligible to play right away.
Starting linebacker Anthony Vernaglia was offered the chance to come back for a 5th year, but he declined that offer.

Vernaglia will graduate in May and transfer to a 1AA school to play football next year and pursue his masters.
• Also moving on to a new University is one of Notre Dame's strength and conditioning coaches.
Michael Joseph now is West Virginia University’s new director of strength and conditioning.

...At Notre Dame, Joseph worked with the head strength coach with football, assisting with workouts, testing, conditioning, speed and agility training in-season and off-season. He also had the same responsibilities in baseball, volleyball and softball.

In addition, his duties included supervision and maintenance of the facility and equipment and scheduling of all student-athletes for the school’s 27 sports.
WVU was very glowing in their praise of Joseph. Hopefully ND will be able to fill his shoes with another quality coach.