Thursday, December 20, 2007

Show Stars | by Pat

Thanks to Irish Eyes for digging up the names of the Show Team players of the week for the 2007 season. The Show Team is basically the scout team who simulates the next week's opponent in practice. Here's the list of the show team members who stood out the most during each week of practice.

Georgia Tech: Golden Tate and Emeka Nwankwo
Penn State: Konrad Reuland and Brian Smith
Michigan: Kris Patterson, Brian Smith and Mike Anello
Michigan State: Golden Tate and Sergio Brown
Purdue: Golden Tate, Jake Richardville, Kevin Washington and Neil Kennedy
UCLA: Taylor Dever, Kerry Neal, Harrison Smith, William David Williams
Boston College: Mike Talerico, Kallen Wade, Emeka Nwankwo
USC: Junior Jabbie and Mike Anello
Navy: Darrin Bragg, Justin Gillett, Leonard Gordon, Harrison Smith
Air Force: Golden Tate and Kallen Wade
Duke: Taylor Dever, Gary Gray, Harrison Smith and Kallen Wade
Granted, this year most of the freshmen who might normally spend a year toiling on the Show Team were thrust in the limelight. Still, there are a few names that pop up on this list and give a slight clue as to which players to watch for next spring and fall.

It's not much of a surprise to see Golden Tate's name show up so much early in the year. Those performances were mentioned by Charlie as one of the reasons he put him in the Purdue game and had Sharpley and Clausen just chuck the ball to him. Brian Smith and Kerry Neal show up early in the year too before working their way into the starting lineup. Harrison Smith picked up a few mentions later in the year which is certainly a good sign for what should be an interesting battle to replace Zibby.