Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pass the Tylenol | by Jay

As overtime began, the sun fell below the wall of the stadium, shrouding the stands in darkness, and a bitter cold swept through the crowd.

And yet, even in the winter of our discontent, there were a few glowing embers. I liked the running game. I liked the return game. I thought the defense did a decent job against a tough offense. We forced two punts -- Navy had had two punts, total, over the last three game -- and held them to about 80 yards under their season rushing average (the second lowest total all year for Navy), allowing no runs over 13 yards. We made good adjustments (albeit a little late) and the corner blitz on Navy's second-to-last possession was maybe the best defensive call of the year. A perfect guess by Corwin. All told, it was an ugly, but winning effort by the defense.