Thursday, June 14, 2007

BGS Bits | by Pat

Transfer Watch

The signs are getting much stronger that Zach Frazer is going to transfer, but so far it appears that he's still weighing his options.

"Zach is talking to other schools," Frazer's father, David, said via cell phone Sunday. "He's doing his homework, but no decision has been made."

Zach Frazer has not asked for or been granted his release at this point. What the ND athletic department has granted the QB is permission to contact other schools and vice versa.

"Notre Dame has been working very well with us," David Frazer said. "Charlie Weis has been very cooperative and, I believe, is looking out for the best interests of Zach. And Charlie has even said, he's not doing anything to push Zach out the door. If Zach wants to stay he'd love to have him."
Zach has confirmed he's talked with Cincinnati, but that's the only one of the frequently mentioned schools -- Rutgers, Connecticut, Miami, Louisville, East Carolina, and a collection of MAC schools -- that has been verified by the Frazer family publicly.


According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Frazer will be visiting the UC Bearcats on Wednesday and Thursday.

Tennessee Two-Step

Incoming wide receiver Golden Tate's bid for a state championship in the 100M and 200M fell short when he pulled up with a leg injury in the 100M finals after posting the fastest 100M and 200M time in the qualifiers. Better news came a few days later after being selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 42nd round of the Major League draft. In addition to his football duties, Tate will attempt to join the Irish baseball team as a centerfielder.

Fellow Volunteer state native and incoming safety Harrison Smith had better results when he won the state championship in the decathlon. What makes his victory notable is that he only started to compete in the event a month before the state finals. According to this article, he didn't even know the technique for throwing a discus at the sectional meet. He also won state in the high jump and finished second in the triple jump and third in the long jump. All in all, not a shabby track season.

Rookie of the Year

Moving to on-campus athletes, freshman Will Yeatman capped a very successful rookie lacrosse season with a number of awards, including LaxPower National Rookie of the Year Fan Award.
Will Yeatman, a freshman attackman on the Notre Dame men's lacrosse team, was recently named the LaxPower National Rookie of the Year during the first LaxPower Fan Awards ceremony. Fans of the web site voted on the award. Yeatman led the Fighting Irish in points with 46 and assists with 25 during the 2006 campaign.

Yeatman has racked up several accolades for his fine freshman season. He copped honorable mention All-America honors from the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (USILA) along with being named the Great Western Lacrosse League (GWLL) Newcomer of the Year in addition to copping first-team all-GWLL honors. He tallied 21 goals to help the Irish boast the nation's fourth-best scoring offense by averaging 11.67 goals-per game.
His lacrosse accomplishments are to be commended and that kind of athleticism will certainly help him on the football field at tight end if he decides to continue double-dipping in both sports.

Boomer Sooner

A future matchup with the Oklahoma Sooners has been rumored and talked about for some time, but this recent article about Big 12 out-of-conference scheduling is the first time I recall seeing the 2013/2015 games mentioned in a newspaper article. Hopefully this one comes to pass.

And you are?

Finally, an amusing story from The Austin Statesman.
A priceless scene last week was Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis, a huge Yankees fan, dropping by the clubhouse in Chicago when the team was in town to play the White Sox.

Joe Torre brought Weis around to meet the players, including Hideki Matsui. "Hideki, Hideki, come over here," said Torre. "I want you to meet someone." Matsui came over and Torre said, "Charlie Weis. Notre Dame football coach." Matsui had a puzzled look on his face. "Notre Dame football," Torre repeated. "Charlie Weis."

Matsui had no idea. He politely shook Weis's hand, bowed, and smiled.
I'm reminded of Homer Simpson at Lollapalooza ("Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins." "Homer Simpson, smiling politely"). Looks like it's time to schedule another game in Japan.