Monday, July 24, 2006

Riddle me this | by Pat

Once again, we give you the annual BGS Trivia contest. This year we solicited questions from our readers and got a slew of great submissions. Thanks to all who submitted a question, and congratulations to those whose question we selected.

So get ready to flex your ND Football knowledge. We made it difficult on purpose, so don't feel bad if you don't know many of the answers. And if you break down and use google (you weak, weak person, you) don't put the answers in the comments section. Give other people a chance to post their best guess.

Ready? Quiz

1. Since the inception of Sports Illustrated in 1954, there have been 11 Notre Dame quarterbacks pictured on the cover. Name them.

2. The very first college football game televised live in Hawaii was a Notre Dame regular season game. What was the year, and who was the opponent?

3. Frank Leahy was known as an excellent recruiter and judge of talent. Which of the following players was not recruited and offered a Notre Dame football scholarship by Leahy?

a. Jack Kerouac
b. Creighton Miller
c. Harry Agganis
d. Paul Hornung

4. Which Notre Dame football player was named the 2005 Offensive Lineman of the Year at the annual football banquet?

5. George Gipp's final play in a Notre Dame football uniform resulted in a touchdown. True or False?

6. Notre Dame has played a football game in 8 different baseball stadiums. Name them. (question thanks to William P. Tunell, Jr.)

7. Of all the great Notre Dame quarterbacks, one QB in particular led the Irish to an undefeated season in his junior year. But in his senior year he was moved to another position Who was it? Why was he moved? (question thanks to Bob McConn)

8. What Big Ten Conference team has Notre Dame never defeated? (question thanks to John Lukacs)

9. Notre Dame has played a game out of the country twice. When and where were these games? (question thanks to Ryan Moran)

10. Who wrote the following?
"I will stand for the fierce and continued spirit of Notre Dame teams. Spirit is the most vital of all football factors. They got this from the Fathers at Notre Dame and from Knute Rockne. It can't and should not be destroyed." During more than one period in Notre Dame's illustrious football history was this spirit in danger of destruction. But always, something or somebody would come along to revive it."
11. What year was Notre Dame's first homecoming game?

a. 1920
b. 1929
c. 1948
d. 1957

12. The running backs on the 1990 team were about as talented a collection as Notre Dame has ever had. The depth chart included Jerome Bettis, Ricky Watters, Rodney Culver, Tony Brooks, Reggie Brooks, and Dorsey Levens. Which one led the team in rushing? (question thanks to K. Mullaney)

13. How many Notre Dame national championships resulted from Lou Holtz bowl victories?

14. Who or what is "The Phantom" and what role did it play in ND football history?

15. Who holds the NCAA record for most career touchdowns on interceptions, punt returns, and kickoff returns, with a total of 9? The player must have had at least one TD in each category. (question thanks to Joe Donovan)

16. How many Heisman winners faced Notre Dame during their Heisman winning year?

a. 13
b. 19
c. 24
d. 31

17. The world premiere screening of Knute Rockne: All-American was held in South Bend on a Friday in the fall of 1940. The following day, the Irish played a game against a team whose head coach made a credited appearance in the movie. Who was the coach and what was his team?

18. Why did the late Dave Huffman wear red elbow pads while manning the center position for the Irish in the 1970's? (question thanks to Tom Hedrick)

19. How many Heisman Trophy winners played in the 1946 scoreless tie between Notre Dame and Army? Who were they? (question thanks to Dick Meece)

20. Among
Brady Quinn, Jeff Samardzija, Victor Abiamiri, and others, ND has a number of hopefuls for the NFL draft. Since 1967, the current record for most number of Fighting Irish football players drafted in a single NFL Draft is 11. In what year did this take place?

a. 1969
b. 1975
c. 1989
d. 1994

We'll put up the answers later in the week. In the meantime, feel free to take your best guesses. Good luck!