Monday, November 21, 2005

This and that | by Pat

Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune has a nice round-up article on the past weekend talking about BCS implications, Brady Quinn staying for his senior year, recruiting, and Weis' chances at being named National Coach of the Year. Check it out.

For those watching the game on NBC, you may have missed that Weis had the seniors take a lap around the stadium after the game before they walked off the field for the final time. Here is video from of the moments on the field following the end of the game. You don't quite get to see the victory lap, but it's a unique perspective that not many get to see.

Continuing with the more aggressive PR stance they have taken this year, Notre Dame has set up a few pages on the site to promote and highlight the various Fighting Irish players up for post season awards.

Now, I'm not a big fan of the heisman websites and cheesy promotional tie-ins you hear about every year, but I like the fact the school is at least recognizing that players like Quinn are in the race for some pretty prestigious awards.

Here is a link for the rundown of the major award candidates. Besides Quinn, Fasano, Stovall, Samardzija, Hoyte, and Zbikowski are all featured. Quinn also gets his own web page, complete with video highlights and links to various media articles. Enjoy.