Sunday, September 04, 2005

Saturday in a Nutshell | by Dylan

Well, that went OK.

Pittsburgh, say hello to David Wannstedt.

Seattle, say hello to Ty Willingham.

Champaign, Ron Zook.

Oklahoma is a bad football team. However, I'm sure the two-headed quarterback will work out fine. Always does.

USC won the PAC-10 yesterday when Nate Longshore broke his leg. However, the Trojans are going to need the best offense in the country after giving up 377 yards passing (8 yards per attempt) to freaking Hawaii.

Michigan allowed Northern Illinois to rush for 210 yards and to complete 68% of their passes. They gave up 20 first downs. They forced NIU to punt once (granted, they forced 5 TOs). Michigan outgained NIU by 36 yards. Michigan is very beatable.

Maine, Louisiana Lafayette, Arkansas State, Montana State, Florida International, Illinois State, Florida Atlantic. Good work, Big 12.

Wisconsin gave up 42 points at home to Bowling Green. Maybe they should put a "TF" next to that atrocious "W".

Back to earth, Boise State, because you suck. You are not a real team until you schedule like a real team. If, when you schedule like a real team, you stop winning, well... Are you listening Louisville? Fresno?

UCLA won, which means they played. I, like all southern Californians, was unaware of this.