Wednesday, July 06, 2005

the delicate balance | by Jay

Nice article in the SBT today by Eric Hansen, who documents the softer side of Charlie in a piece called "God, Family, Notre Dame".

"It was 1991 -- March 9, 1991, to be exact," [Weis] said. "That's the day I met Maura at the Jersey Shore. I was a rookie coach in the NFL. We had just won a Super Bowl, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself. It's my first year in the NFL, and I've already got a Super Bowl ring. But to be perfectly honest, your life is kind of empty, because you have no one to share it with."

Charlie wanted to make sure that resonance wasn't washed away by his career drive. It still isn't uncommon for him to put in 100-hour weeks during football season, so he made sure Maura got a taste of that life before they were engaged.

"Here's what my family knows," Charlie said. "They know when I'm not working, I'm doing something with them. They know I'm not on the golf course. I don't go fishing. I don't go out with the fellas. They know I will give them every second I possibly can. My whole life, my whole career, my whole impetus for whatever I do is Maura, Charlie and Hannah."