Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Frazer audio | by Jay

Rivals (via BGI) has a radio interview with Zach Frazer. A few excerpts:

Q: Notre Dame has not been the Notre Dame of old in the last few years...they've been an up and down team. What makes [ND] attractive to you, a true blue-chip player?

A: Definitely the coaching staff. Coach Weis is not just building a team, he's building a future for Notre Dame. It's great to have that privilege and honor when he says you're his number one guy, to be a part of the future of Notre Dame and to bring them back to that power status, it's great.

Q: Describe your style for us. What kind of quarterback are you?

A: This year we did a lot of shotgun, we threw the ball around all the time. We barely run. Five-spread, four receivers. My style of play? I basically take what the defense can give you...it's a mental game, it's not much physical. Yeah, you get hit and all, but it's who's going to break down first. We went very far this year, and I think the main reason is because we were better mentally prepared...the defense would break down, and we just took what they gave us. We just put points up real quick. My style of play is basically pro-style, nothing fancy. I can run if I want, but why run when you can throw the ball?

Q: Did you go to any of the junior days at Notre Dame, and what does Coach Weis talk about when he talks about recruiting?

A: Yes, I went to the first junior day, and that's when I received my offer, and I was most recently up there for a three-day visit. It's different going in knowing you've committed, because the recruiting process changes, just because you're going to become a recruiter and start to work on who else you're going to play with. I touched bases with Barry [Gallup] a couple of days ago...you're not only a player, but you're also a recruiter and you're going to help recruit your own class.

Q: Where do you see Notre Dame football in four years?

A: Winning a national championship.

Q: Just straight out, huh?

A: Um-hmm.