Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Opportunity Knocks | by Jay

Irish Eyes has a few great videos from yesterday's post-practice session: a Q&A with Charlie, a short discussion with Mike Haywood, and a visit with Darius Walker. (The videos are paysite-only, but if Mike Frank is going to be offering this level of access and material going forward, then now is the time to pony up for IE. It's going to be well worth it).

Charlie was pretty sober about the first practice: he saw a couple of good things, but there's a hell of a lot of work to do. In particular, he had a strong message for the guys further down on the depth chart:

The biggest -- I wouldn't say, problem -- but the biggest thing we're going to have to do here in this training try and find some more guys from the backups who can step up and be dependable players. The biggest problem I had with today was not seeing enough people, people that I don't know that much about, making a statement for themselves. If I'm going try and have this open-door policy, where everyone gets a fair chance and a fair opportunity to make a name for themselves, then I'd like some people to stand out and do some things.
Message received? We'll see as the spring session continues.