Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Purdue Photo and Video Galleries | by Pat

Click the links for photos from the AP, the Journal Courier Online, the Indy Star. I finally figured out that the South Bend Tribune puts their game photo galleries over on the Irish Sports Report sister site. Here's the link to the Purdue game, as well as ones from the MSU, UM and Nevada games.

The pic of the game is a pretty easy one. Clausen fired a bullet into the chest of Kyle Rudolph and he held on for the 4th down go-ahead touchdown. Jim Rider of the SBT/ISR got the shot and that's the one I'm going with this week. It may not be ideal to have to rely on that kind of play to beat Purdue, but it was a great clutch play nonetheless.

For videos, highlights are popping up all over the youtubes. Here's the final ND touchdown pass to Rudolph. And if football and rawk is your thing, here's a long highlight reel. If you like a shorter and sweeter highlight clip with plenty of grand piano, here's the video for you. If you see any other photos or videos out there, feel free to add them in the comments.