Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Congrads | by Jay

Here's something that Pat noticed that I'd like to pass along. From what we can gather, Chris Stewart, George West, and James Aldridge all graduated this weekend.

They were the first three recruits to enroll early under the new policy at Notre Dame, and all three earned their degree before their senior year. We think that is pretty cool. Stewart even has two years of eligibility left, so he can get his Master's degree before he leaves.

As far as I know, no media outlet has reported this, so we really can't verify it* -- other than the fact I saw Chris Stewart on CNN in cap and gown, and some folks on Irish Illustrated mentioned that West and Aldridge had graduated too. Apparently James didn't walk because he's studying in England now.

Here's our original article on them when they enrolled early, in January of '06.

News like this certainly can't hurt recruiting.

* Update: Thanks to reader Patrick for the link to the University Registrar which lists the three as receiving degrees (pages 1, 105, and 115). Gradulations to Chris, James, and George, and all the graduates of Notre Dame this year.