Friday, April 17, 2009

ND Appoints a "Director of Gameday Operations" | by Kevin

In another potentially positive development for the Notre Dame gameday experience, the University has appointed Michael Seamon the Director of Gameday Operations. According to the University, Seamon's role will include include "coordinating the football game-day safety, security and hospitality operations that are shared among various University units, including athletics, the Notre Dame Security Police Department, and the Office of Student Affairs."

In other words, ND will have one accountable point person presumably responsible for oversight of Notre Dame security, ushers, and maybe even the relationship with South Bend police and Indiana Excise "police," and that person's name will not be Bill Kirk.

Seamon said, "In my conversations with Fr. Jenkins in the past ... both he and I and everyone here is keenly aware and extremely proud of the fact that Notre Dame is very special place. It leaves an impression on people when they visit here."

The most important word in the article is highlighted within: Seamon said his objective will be "to work with the various departments on campus to create a more coordinated effort on how we serve the Notre Dame community on gameday weekends."

This is the first public follow-up to the March 17th report, which included 21 recommendations. That actual report may never be made public, so we do not know which of the recommendations will or will not be implemented. However, if properly executed, this might be a good first step in relieving the mounting football weekend tension among the University, its students, and guests.