Wednesday, August 23, 2006

BGS Video wiki | by Pat

With the dawn of YouTube and other video sites, we decided to set up a catalog all of the Notre Dame football-related videos floating around out there.

Frank from UHND gets the credit for kicking things off with his excellent primer of some of the best videos around the internet. But more and more are being added everyday, and as we start the 2006 season, I suspect the number will keep increasing.

So, rather than relying on one person to catalog all these videos, we started a BGS Video wiki where anyone can edit the page to add any ND football related video they find. I already started the page with a few videos to give it a bit of a framework, but hopefully others out there can help catalog the ever-increasing numbers of ND videos.

Right now, some of the more prolific youtube video contributors like tjnd88, Oldie, Flanner89, havasuking, and bane34, are linked at the bottom, and they have plenty of video links that can be added to the directory as a good starting point. If you're familiar with wikipedia, then you know how this open-source stuff works. If you're not sure how to begin, there are FAQ's on how to edit the page. Feel free to begin contributing right away. This page should grow into a great resource.

Feel free to bookmark the BGS Video Wiki. We also added it to the sidebar links here for easy reference.