Thursday, October 20, 2005

What the Typical Notre Dame Fan Worries About... | by Mark

2004: Will Brady Quinn ever live up to his potential?
2005: Will Brady Quinn leave early for the draft?

2004: Can ND sign anyone that maybe, someday, could play cornerback?
2005: Can the #1 cornerback recruit come in and play nickel or dime right away?

2004: Can the offense maybe break 35 points in a game?
2005: Can the offense break 50 points this week?

2004: Will ND sign a Top 25 class?
2005: Will ND sign a Top 5 class?

2004: How many times do you think we'll run the bubble screen this week?
2005: How many brand-new plays and formations do you think we'll see this week?

2004: Can ND sign one recruit rated in the Top 100?
2005: Can ND land the #1 CB, TE, OT, and DT?

2004: Can we not embarrass ourselves against USC again?
2005: Can we actually beat USC?

2004: Can we find someone to take Ty?
2005: Can we keep Charlie healthy?