Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Team, New Nicks | by Pete

Once again, every player certainly could stand to get a nickname or two:

James Aldridge - All-Day
Armando Allen - Energizer (AA)
Mike Aenello - Jello
Thomas Bemenderfer - Astroderf
Darrin Bragg - Bragging Rights
Joe Brockington - Rocks a Ton
Kevin Brooks - Bubbles
Justin Brown - Brownout
Sergio Brown - Back in Brown
David Bruton - Fly Paper
Ryan Burkhart - Touchback Jesus
Xavier Burton - Easy Aussie
John Carlson - Carlsberg
Matt Carufel - Careful Carufel
Jimmy Clausen - Slim Jim
Maurice Crum, Jr. - Gangster of Love
Dex Cure - Dexadrine
Taylor Dever - Eager Dever
Paul Duncan - Mr. Donut
Brandon Erickson - Leif
Leo Ferrine - So Fine Ferrine, Lionheart
Jashaad Gaines - Makin' it Gaines (on these ho's)
Barry Gallup, Jr. - Gallopin' Gallup
Justin Gillett - Mach 3, Razor
Leonard Gordon - Air Gordon
Gary Gray - Gray Matter
David Grimes - Mr. Clean
Darrell Hand - Hand Job [Note from the South Bend Circuit Court: If Mr. Hand successfully completes his pretrial diversion, this nickname will be removed from the record after one year]
Ray Herring - Red
D.J. Hord - The Viking, Grabmaster Flash
Robert Hughes - The Lightning Wall, The Monorail (Bus 2.0)
Wade Iams - Meow Mix, Making the Wade
Junior Jabbie - Junior Senior, The Jab, Jabbie the Hun
Richard Jackson - Slick Rick, Rick n' Roll
J.J. Janssen - J-Cubed
Demetrius Jones - Saturday Night Special
Duval Kamara - Kandid Kamara, Napalm
Neil Kennedy - Diamond, Camelot
Pat Kuntz - The Pit, Danger Zone
Terrail Lambert - The Fugitive
Trevor Laws - The Book, Justice
John Leonis - Dr. John
Alex Lough - Lough of Bread, What Is Pain, Alex?
Eric Maust - We Maust Protect This House
Kyle McCarthy - Zibby 2
Raeshon McNeil - McRib
Paddy Mullen - St. Paddy
Aaron Nagel - Nagel-gazing, Innie
Mike Narvaez - Narvaez Canal
Kerry Neal - Armstrong
Andrew Nuss - Nuss Jar
Emeka Nwankwo - Emekan Plays
Eric Olsen - Not Chris, Also Not Greg
Robby Parris - Player of Lights
Steve Paskorz - The Polish Piledriver
Kris Patterson - Kris Kross
Nick Possley - Entourage
Geoff Price - The Price is Right
Munir Prince - The King, Lightspeed
Steve Quinn - Big Shoes
Mike Ragone - Ra-going, going, gone
Konrad Reuland - The Konqueror, K-Rules
Morrice Richardson - The Space Cowboy
Jake Richardville - The Snake
Nikolas Rodriguez - Water-Nik
Matt Romine - Mine, All Romine, Hit the Matt
John Ryan - Flyin' Ryan
Luke Schmidt - Schmush, Skywalker
Asaph Schwapp - Ace, SCHWAAPPP, Freight Train
Evan Sharpley - Laser, Bo Knows
Brian Smith - Mr. Smith, B-Boy
Harrison Smith - Indiana Smith
Kevin Smith - K-Smith
Scott Smith - S-Smith
Toryan Smith - Torah, Torah, Toryan
Dwight Stephenson Jr. - Ike, The End
Chris Stewart - Mr. Plow, The Glacier, Man-House
John Sullivan - Sully, The Anchor
Mike Talerico - Talerico Suave
Golden Tate - Golden Tate
Travis Thomas - Thomas the Tank Engine, Back-To-O-Face
Jeff Tisak - Tsk, Tisak
Michael Turkovich - Mike Check
Anthony Vernaglia - Hey, Vern
Sam Vos - DailyVos, Vos & Found
Kallen Wade - The Deep End, My Kallen Card
Brandon Walker - Toe of Fury
Darrin Walls - Darin' Darrin
Kevin Washington - Boom Boom
Bartley Webb - Spider
Dan Wenger - Place Your Wenger, Deadly Dan
George West, Jr. - Final Frontier
Nate Whitaker - Nate the Great
Ian Williams - The Plug, Bear Trap
William David Williams -
Ambrose Wooden - Pinocchio
Will Yeatman - Will Do, Great Yeat
Sam Young - Uncle Sam, ITOP (International Tackle of Pancakes)
Tom Zbikowski - Touchdown Tommy, Atom Tom, "Irish" Tom